Antari M-7


Med RGB LED for flammesimulering

Ikke på lager, tilgjengelig som restordre


The new RGB LED fogger, M-7, not only can make output upward but also downward.
M-7 can be rigged at any angle with the unique design without concerning the fluid being spilt.

1. New structure design for multiple angle rigging
2. Auto sense frequency
3. Fluid tank compartment for ease of transportation
4. Huge output volume with high pigments LED colors
5. Great fit for Stage purpose

» Voltage:AC-100V/120V/220V/230V/240V,50 Hz / 60 Hz
» Breaker:120V, 15A 250V 230V, 9A 250V
» Power Consumption:1,550 W
» Initial Heat-Up Time:5 mins
» Coverage Volume:Height 5 Meters, Width 1 Meter
» Max Operating Time:8 seconds burst
» Fluid Consumption Rate:150 ml / Min
» Tank Capacity:2.4 liter
» Control Options:On-Board Control Panel
Wireless Remote DMX Master / Slave
» Remote Included:W-2 Wireless Transmitter
» Weight:11.5 Kg
» Dimensions (mm):L 345  W 193  H 385.7
» Liquid Used:Antari FLC Water-based Fluid


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